A gift to all Roblox players - Enjoy the game!

We have created this tool for all the Roblox players worldwide. Roblox is our teams-favourite online game and a great online adventure, however sometimes it can be time consuming and frustrating to get the currency - Robux and tickets, so we have created a simple Robux generator, which can give you free Robux and Tix without hassle in less than 2 minutes!

The principle of our generator is pretty simple. Simple click on the button on our site and you will be redirected to our unique generator!

Once on the generator, it's pretty simple and noob-friendly. Just enter your username, choose how many Robux and Tickets you wish to receive (maximum is 999,999 per day for one user)! We recommend you to leave the Proxy and anti-ban settings to default so the protection is enabled!

One of the most common questions we get is Is it safe to use?

And the answer is YES. You can not get punished in any way for getting free robux, as it's made to be undetectable so we guarantee that the usage is 100% safe (even without anti ban and proxy option - it's just additional layer of security to make everything as safe and secure as possible)!

Check out some of Robux Generator happy users

Our robux generator is being used by Roblox players worldwide! We have accredited Robux and Tickets to over 120,000 players and every day more than 1000 users use our tool! We generate more than a billion of Robux and Tickets every day! There is a chat on the bottom side of the generator! You can notice many people talk and get their Robux and Tickets - live data of users getting their wanted goods is shown up there!

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Visit our Generator

Simply go to our robux generator by clicking on one of the links on the site. In the next step you will choose how much of the currency you wish to receive. Whole process takes less than 5 minutes!

Enter username & wishes

Enter your username and how much of Robux and how many Tickets you wish to receive and click the button! The anti-ban and proxy settings should be left ON as it is per default, but even without it's still completely safe to use!

Human verification

Wait for the generator to accredit Robux and Tix to your account. Usually you have to complete a quick offer to prove you are a real human and not just a spam bot trying to crash our website! Once completed your Roblox inventory should be updated within 2minutes!