How does our robux generator work?

Our tool can create Robux and Tickets for your account. There is no knowledge required for you as the user of our generator. It's simple to use and noob-friendly. Anyone can do it and get maximum 999,999 robux and tickets for free each day!

How can we give you free robux and free tickets for Roblox?

We are a team of experienced coders and programmers launching many projects and software in order to make our company more popular! It takes excessive skills and a lot of time to create a robux generator like ours. It works by creating anonymouse connections to the back end Roblox servers. It is created in natural pattern so Roblox can not detect any suspicious activity and it is 100% safe to use. Our back-end relies on bare-metal servers powered by 2x Intel xeon E5-2620 processor with 64GB of allocated RAM memory, deployed on 10Gbps server speed to provide a functional and fast service, even when dozens of users are using our robux generator and getting free robux and tickets simultaneously!

What do we get out of this and why are we doing it?

We used to play Roblox and still do occasionally and find it a great and adventuristic game. It can be a big relief to get robux and tickets for free, AND WE UNDERSTAND THAT. However we are not doing this for fun. Company has to be funded somehow and with as much traffic as we have, we make enough money from the ads to cover the costs of running this service. Thanks for using and enjoy the game!

So how do i use the robux generator and get free robux and tickets?

Visit our Generator

Simply go to our robux generator by clicking on one of the links on the site. In the next step you will choose how much of the currency you wish to receive. Whole process takes less than 5 minutes!

Enter username & wishes

Enter your username and how much of Robux and how many Tickets you wish to receive and click the button! The anti-ban and proxy settings should be left ON as it is per default, but even without it's still completely safe to use!

Human verification

Wait for the generator to accredit Robux and Tix to your account. Usually you have to complete a quick offer to prove you are a real human and not just a spam bot trying to crash our website! Once completed your Roblox inventory should be updated within 2minutes!